Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Granny Liv Shakes It Loose

Young boys and girls, I am proud to relay that your Granny Livie did not make a fool of herself during the Maroon 5 Concert. Sure there were "blonde" moments as to be expected, but over-all, I managed not to be the ditz I can become.

Blonde Moment #1
I am wearing my office attire. With heels. (But what do you expect, I carry a whole wardrobe change?)

Blonde Moment #2
It took me a while before I had to the guts to stand up and sing along and dance to the music.

Blonde Moment #3
A cute boy asked me where the entrance to the Lower Box area is and I stammered, "Below?" Suave.

Blonde Moment #4
I didn't know whether to clap or raise my hands up in the air during high points of the concert. So I just stomped my feet. At one point though, I realized I looked like a mare in heat, so I quit.

Blonde Moment#5
Everytime Adam Levine faces our side of the coliseum, I WAVE. AS IF HE COULD FREAKIN' SEE ME. But there were redeemin' moments....

Proud Moment#1
I know the lyrics to Infatuation and Won't Go Home Without You.

Proud Moment #2
I called Ian during his favourite song so he could listen in while being stuck on field. He said it made his day. Astig.

Proud Moment#3
I dance better than Adam Levine. Really!

But I had sooooo much fun. It was the coolest thing I've been to this last ten years. I am just eternally grateful that now I won't die a second death if ever St. Peter asks me what was the last concert I went to (assuming he cares about current trends in music) as the final trick question before I enter the pearly gates. I would have had answered BOYZONE in '98.

Surely, that would be damnation. :D But now, no more shame! Maroon 5 rox!

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