Monday, March 12, 2007

What if, there are people who are meant to fall in love but never be loved back? I’m beginning to prepare myself for the worst… that I will remain unloved for the rest of my life. Of course, agape and common friendships do not count.

What if, I was born without the other half? That would technically mean I was born whole, and I’m probably all I’m ever going to need. It sounds so girl-power-ish. But it also sounds so lonely.

It can’t be so bad to be held by somebody right? Nowadays, I’ve been needing hugs so badly. What is left of my family turn to me for strength, but aside from God, I do not feel I can turn to flesh-and-bone people anymore. There are friends who comfort me, but to somebody who has shared their heart and soul with their loved one, they would know it’s such a far cry. I need to connect with somebody else so deeply --- someone who can breathe with me, share the burden of being alive, fan the dying embers of the "fight" within me.

Where will I find a man strong enough?

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