Friday, March 02, 2007

trip to central market

I took a half-day off today. I went to Central Market with Ella so that we could buy her a Filipiniana get-up for her induction to the Int'l Soc Sci Honor Society and her graduation. I guess that's a parently duty done and over with.

Really hard to be playing both mother and father to her now. I never noticed before how sensitive parents should be of their children. It's not just about giving them what they want, but also what would be best for them. I realize now how boxed up I was in my own little world, I never noticed the struggle my parens deal with everyday.

Anyway, back to the commentary. Central Market is under renovation and it looked a lot f****d-up right now. There aren't as many shops as before, but there was a goodly number of stalls to make a good choice. We ended up buying her a blouse and skirt ensemble with matching "alampay." The whole package cost Php 1,800 --- that's a deal!! In SM City, we searched and searched and couldn't find anything halfway decent below Php 3,000.

Remember, peeps, if you need Filipiniana attire and aren't picky if it's pinya organza and not real jusi, go to Central Market! That's where you'll get the look of Imelda Marcos for far less money.

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