Thursday, March 01, 2007

Music and Lyrics

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I really am an escapist, you know. I think I should about swallow that kernel of truth by now. When extremely stressed or anxious, I need to change my surroundings. I need to escape if only by watching a movie.

I watched Music and Lyrics with my sister and cousin the other night. It was exactly what the doctor prescribed for my affliction -- a dose of laughter and no-brainer plots. It felt good to have another belly laugh after what felt like ages. It makes me feel a little guilty for forgetting even for a second that I have lost the two most important people in my life, but... and this is a big BUT... it also reminded me that love as harmonious as music and lyrics put together can actually exist.

Oh, Hugh Grant is such a dream muffin! And oh, I can't believe I'm actually using that word!!He's not actually handsome -- he's slightly nincompoopish, dandified and floppish. But he's adorable. He made me believe that he had been an 80's pop music has-been, and I was actually surprised he can actually sing.

Drew Barrymore, on the other hand, had always been one of my favorite actresses, because she often stars in the kind of movies I like watching. She's just sweet. Like her to bits.

The plot does leave somthing to be desired, although you really can't expect cerebral substance in a romantic comedy film. All it needed to be was to be believable, and personally, I bought the whole has-been singer and a writer with undiscovered talent for lyrics falling for each other over the course of writing one song.

It also inspired me to go back to my old poems notebook and dig up the songs I wrote before. If Music and Lyrics is any indicator, cheesy and mushy can still make a comeback and my lyrics can actually be in vogue soon. :p Teehee... let's just wait and see.

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