Monday, March 19, 2007

Losing to Heaven

I have called the angels from the sky
And waited long for the saints’ replies
Held on tight to a shaky faith
Placed every thing I have and know at stake

Did everything I can to make you stay
No matter how much my soul has strayed
But you were ready to leave
Nothing I can do can help relieve your pain

So my prayers have come to this
A single tear and a broken wish
A dream that must come to an end
For my strength just can’t contend
With the will that controls all our Fate
I asked for too much far too late
Knew it was coming, just didn’t know when
I’d be losing you to heaven.

All stories and songs must someday fade
And the memories the world has made
But I’ll take my chance to write you this
To let you know you’re truly missed

And we will move on as we should live
The love you’ve given and love received
Will keep you in our hearts far longer than
This earth granted time in each others arms…


I’ve lost you to heaven
But I will see you again
I’ve lost you to heaven
And it’s a much better place…

(Chorus to fade...)

I used to write songs when I was younger. Back when I can write poems five-a-minute. Nowadays, poems (and words in general) eke out slower out of me. This song is for my mother.

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