Thursday, July 24, 2008


Weird. Ang bait talaga ni Lord.

Just when I was flaming the Urban Poor for being hopeless, He sends me a little candle of hope. The day after I ranted against STEP-UP, we held a field trip where we visited our old areas to observe how our program has helped the community. I have been to all the areas, but I haven't met all the people. Sa unang community pa lang, when we asked them to share what they value the most about the program, halos paulit-ulit nilang sabihin ang training. Palagi daw may training, puro training, pero they claim it helped them become a better organization.

Hmmm... hindi naman masyadong timing diba? Just when I'm ready to believe they are the untrainables, they now say they got much from it.

I'm not saying I have made a complete turnaround... that I now love them again to bits... but it does lend me a better perspective. I cannot measure the impact of trainings immediately. It's something to be appreciated during crunch time andin hindsight.

Well. I hope I can develop the patience for that. But for now, it lights a small spark long thought of as dead.

I can't believe how dead it was before. Even with the La Salle CWTS, I'll be bringing my students back tomorrow. Buti na lang kids ang focus nila, tutorials. Or else, I would've been a useless facilitator.

Oh well. Thanks, Lord.

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