Friday, July 11, 2008

Mamma Mia!

This has been a topic between two of my guy workmates (J and Ian) and it started when Ian asked if it was better to watch Mamma Mia than the High School Musical 2 on Ice. Given that we left high school 9 years ago (and for J even longer), we didn't have a choice but to recommend Mamma Mia instead. But J did emphasize that it sounds so ---- kabadingan was the term, I think. He didn't mean it as a cruel remark. He just meant, healthy males with proto-type straightness would generally find it --- too gay. We also agreed that only gays and uber chick-flick desperadoes will willingly watch the movie. And I am fairly sure that Ian is not gay, as much as he is sure of himself.

But Ian's tickets were for free and he is the conscripted family driver, so he went with his younger sisters anyway. He was forced to, right?

He texted me last night, after the showing and his texts say:

"Damn! This is the gayest movie I ever watched.... Tangna talaga sobrang daming kanta and I thought wala ng tatalo sa hs musical.... Mehn!"


"Kailangan kong manood ng patayan to shake this gay aura.."


"Nandito rin si **m*** sa mama mia..." referring to an office mate with interesting sexuality.

Which brings me to today:

I greeted the office mate and asked if he liked Mama Mia. With eyes brightly shining he answered, "Ang ganda! Ang galing paano nila napasok yung songs ng Abba sa script! Kumanta nga si Pierce Brosnan eh!"

I wasn't good at holding in the laughter. Napansin nya ata kasi, he said in a more defensive tone,"Nandun din si Ian!"

"Yeah, he was the one who told me you were there..." I replied.

"Ewan ko if he liked it, but --- (GET THIS) --- naririnig ko rin naman siyang tumatawa."

Ha! Buking ka, Ian!

Muntik na akong mag-internal hemorrhage trying to stop myself from rolling on the floor guffawing!

Lagot ka sa akin sa Lunes, you won't hear the end of this!


Gayest movie ever, your arse!

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  1. Anonymous10:38 PM

    sino si **m** officemate with interesting sexuality???!!! ang daming choices!...pwede pahingi ng clue?

    :D Semski