Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Stuff to Ask and Say

Ever noticed that people stop asking embarrassing questions once they grow up? Of course, the common standards of etiquette demand it; society calls for maturity and civilized behavior from its individuals. Don’t ask anything that will make other people frown, squirm or sweat (in short don’t make them feel any emotion except joy --- the spectrum of feeling has been relegated to just one acceptable form). But I’ve observed that the more we stop asking honest questions, the more confusing life becomes. How many families break because of questions left unasked and answers left unsaid? How many missed opportunities have we lost because we never dared to forward a query?

In celebration of the child who wants to know, I am listing down the things I would ask and do if I was only as courageous as a five-year-old.


Do you love me?
Can you?
Why are we friends?
Am I beautiful?
Will you share your pasta with me?
Am I needy?
Do you think I have what it takes to really succeed in life?
Would you miss me if I die?
Would you read my book when it’s done and tell me what you really think?
Would I make a good mother?
Can you help make me rich?
Would you treat me to dinner?
Can we get milkshakes some time?
Can you please kiss me?
Can you sing me your favorite song?
Could you paint or sketch my picture?
Am I still doing my job competently?
Should I quit my job?
Would you stay with me?
Could you bring me with you then?


I think I can’t ever finish my book, but I won’t stop trying.
I hate friend liver steak, liver spread and anything that has got liver in it.
I think you’re trying too hard.
She’s in love with you, and you’re breaking her heart.
Stop searching. I’m here.
You’re weirder than I am. I like you.
You can’t see me because I’m fat.
You make feel uncomfortable.
I want to crush your neck between my thunder arms.
You’re stubborn and immature, but I think you’re adorable.
I love you. I tried not to. But it’s hard.
I am scared of being alone all my life.
I think nobody on this earth really needs me anymore.
I think I have a blessed life, but without you, it feels wanting.
I am trying to get by as much as I can.
You are beautiful.
I know you love me. You just don’t want to.
I’m not chinita, slim or fair and I like me.
Yes, I am deliberately acting like a child.
Yes, I’m smarter than you.

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