Sunday, July 20, 2008

Unphotographed, Birthday Gifts and Seriously Hot Wristwatches


I used to play this game a couple of years ago. I try to paint a scene I witnessed with words, usually because I had no camera to take a picture with. The other day while commuting from work, I saw something I really wou'dve like to have captured on film. But it would take more than one shot, so my title might be more aptly renamed as Unfilmed.

From the back of the FX I was riding, I saw a young couple in a red Honda Civic cruising Commonwealth Avenue. The roads were jammed and this gave me more time to play voyeur into their private world. (I am bad, but I am also compulsively observant). I couldn't see the girl's face, but she was thin and had long hair that she wore down. What captured my attention was this: she was leaning sideways and resting her head on the guy's shoulders. Awwww shucks, sweet, right? I know this is some feat to be accomplished. I personally think a girl would have to lean sideways so far just so to reach the driver's shoulder. I have tried it as a flirting tactic once and I nearly broke my neck trying to cross the wide gorge between passenger and driver seat. Maybe because I'm tall and guys are often my height or shorter and not taller and shoulders are often... well... shoulder-height and I have to bend lower, you know what I'm getting at. (My tip: Don't try it. It looks unnatural, cramps your lower right back and you'd feel TH afterwards. Wait til he's your boyfriend already and let him break HIS neck for a change).

Okay. Back to young couple. Awww, sweet right? But not from what I saw. The guy was a pale chinito, and as stiff as a board. His face all thoughout the sweet exchange was passive and he had a far-away look in his eyes. Actually, he kinda looked out of it and it ruined the pretty picture. I mean, sweet gf might as well have been an amoeba resting lightly on his right shoulder blade. After a couple of minutes, the girl sat up straight again, now with the same expression as robot-boy and I don't blame her. Shoulder-leaning can give major cramps, I told you. And at the same moment she sat up, the Meralco lamppost illuminating their spot on the street went "Pfffffft!" and blew out. Foreteller of things to come, I'm sure.

Life --- it's such an amazingly orchestrated movie, with its foreshadowing and drama, and we are all freakin' actors in it. It's amazing.

Birthday Gifts

I am friends with a newly-wed couple and I love hearing stories about their life together. The girl's a financial analyst and her husband is a goofy guy, which makes him the least likely person for his job, a lawyer. The other day, she was telling me how she told her hubby that he shouldn't get her anything for her birthday last week. Since purse strings are a bit tight, she said they were better off using it for groceries or their apartment. But when hubby's birthday came up two days after hers, my friend surprised him with a small bottle of perfume. She's been saving up for it for months. The guy was so flabbergasted he dragged her to a mall and asked her to buy something she really wanted. Begging her, actually. Budget be damned, they just wanted to make each other happy.

I know it doesn't sound as sweet as an anniversary spent on-board a yacht with live violinists making beautiful music, but it sounded so real to me and wonderfully sincere. Here's two young ones, starting their own life, very much in love, doing anything they can to keep each other smiling. It makes me feel melty inside, and just a tad bit envious. Now there's a real awww shucks moment for me.

Seriously Hot Wristwatches

I have a thing for men's wrist watches. I like them better than the dainty, tiny ones they manufacture for dainty, tiny ladies. I used to borrow my Daddy's watches all the time. It feels damn cooler than the pretty, floral ones, I assure you. But even then, my Dad had this kind of old-man's taste for his timekeeping devices. Most of them are gold with agey-crinkly leather straps, usually seen on wrists of successful businessmen all over the world. It was better than ladies stuff, but you know, not hot.

Kenneth Cole watches on the other hand, are hot. Rudy Project sports watches are sub-zero cool. Some Lacoste watches are contenders too. Sometimes, Gucci. Sometimes, Breitling or Perry Ellis. I seriously lust after cool watches and often refer to them like they were people, I call them either "guwapo" or "crushable." Wearing watches like that just makes me feel --- capable. Like I'm a man myself, and I have time in my own hands --- or wrist-- for that matter. (sorry, sorry, GIRL POWER will resume in 5...4...3...2...)

I don't think I have explained this to my friends. I don't think I have explained this to Ian who has got 2 Kenneth Cole watches and a Rudy Project sports watch, two of which I damaged while I was borrowing it from him.

I took this picture when I borrowed his silver Cole watch, a few hours before I broke the strap in the effort of removing it and handing it back to him. I felt soooo bad. Like I murdered someone (or what I think I would feel if I murdered someone; haven't had the chance to commit one yet). I honestly thought Ian would murder me instead. But of course, he didn't. Not even a bad word. He even made excuses about how it's disintegrating anyway. Like he'd fool me for a minute.

Aw, god, i still feel bad whenever I remember it and it's making my stomach hurt.

Oh well. When I become rich, I will buy myself a dozen hot men's watches and repay Ian his 2 damaged ones. Maybe. If I don't decide to keep it for myself.
But there it is. It's out. I have a thing for watches. I am deranged about it. I am not exceptionally good at taking care of it, but I will love it to pieces before it expires. Wanna win my heart? Forget the chocolates and buy me a god damn watch.
Bigger straps, the better. And a date monitor plus back lights. For seeing in the dark. Coz I will take it to bed faster than I will take a man. Seriously.

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