Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dark Knight, Finally

I finally got to watch Dark Knight with Ella last night. The movie was great. The movie house wasn’t. We made the mistake of watching it in MOA (not IMX, a regular cinema) and it would’ve been fabulous if there weren’t so many kids under 13 playing marching band games up and down the stairs while the movie was progressing. How the hell did they get in anyway? Wasn’t Batman a PG13 movie? Those kids were barely 6! I actually shushed a boy who was shouting for his sister. I told him not to play in the dark and to be quiet. He had the audacity to poke his tongue out at me. It took all my will power not to stand up and growl like an ogre at him. That’ll send him running and let’s see if he doesn’t bite his tongue off in fright. I mean, really. What kind of parents will let their kids play in pitch darkness? Oh wait -- I guess the kind of parents who will shout “Sino gusto ng ketsap!” in the middle of the movie. Yes. Screw those ill-bred half-wits. Then there was that man who did not just forget to turn his cellphone on silent mode, but also talked to someone while watching the movie. If I had popcorn, I would have definitely dumped it on his head. Se-rious-ly.

It was a friggin’ circus and I hate it. It ruined the full experience of Heath Ledger’s creepy genius in the film. But speaking of him, wasn’t he goosebump-y kind of brilliant? I didn’t even recognize his voice. And Christian Bale is shaping up to his role. He was almost believable as Batman this time around.

My friends were all agog about the character development of Joker and Two-Face. Shey said she never knew Two-faced was such a hot white knight. One said she didn’t know Lt. Gordon had family (that’s Lei). One even speaks in reverential tones about how the movie made the comic book more than a comic book and how it made everything more real. (yes, that’s you, Ian).

Obviously, this is the Obi Wan of Batman movies. Having watched all except Batman Begins, I have to agree.

It just bothers me that Heath’s last acting role was such a weird one. I mean, he’d be remembered as the better Joker forever. Which is good, talent-wise, but what did all his hotness and awesome cheekbones do for him now? If I was an actress, I’d want to be remembered as a dazzling goddess, not a freak sicko who loves to blow things up. But then again, a real actor would just want to be remembered, period.

And that Ledger would be.


P.S. By the way, my favorite scene in the movie was when Joker did his little social experiment pitting two ships full of people against each other. One was full of convicts and prisoners, the other were filled with families from the city. Joker set up bombs on both vessels and told them to beat the other boat to pressing the switch to survive. The whole who deserves to die issue came up. Who will throw the first stone?

It turns out,nobody turned the key to the detonator.

They chose to trust in the good in people.

It was predictable, but it is something to believe in. Trust the good in people. And you will be surprised.

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