Sunday, July 20, 2008

Kill One, Maybe Save a Thousand

I am now ready to admit that I am missing half of the world's imaginative genius because I don't read enough comic books!

I have heard the latest Batman movie is amazing, but I have very little to work on about Two-Face and the Joker because I never really read the comic books. I know absolutely nothing about Ironman before the movie and would've thought he was a construction worker. I mean, that is some major gap in my education right there. I cannot rightfully call myself a genius if these little things are beyond my grasp.

I watched Wanted today and I was blown away by the story. Half the time I was muttering "Astig!" to myself and the other half I spend wondering how come I'm not spewing something about begging too much for suspension of disbelief. After the movie, I realized it's because the story was tightly held together. It wasn't some half-baked glory shot of a violent fraternity; it has a kick-ass origin story that wouldn't let a microbe through it's seamlessness. But I was also told the movie plot was only a screwed up version of the real graphic novel mini-series. The book, as it turned out was much gorier and darker. Instead of trained assasins, they were a bunch of super-villains bonding together... which doesn't sound half so bad. Reading the synopsis though, I think I like the movie better... for the first time in my life.

I would've given anything to be the actress portraying Fox. Love it. And Angelina Jolie was sizzling in it. But I bet my behind wouldn't be half as appreciated as hers was in this film. At some point, I did think her character was getting on the edge of carboard-ish, but her supreme sacrifice and how she's still smiling at the end of it more than made up for it. Love her.

And James McAvoy. I finally get what my girl friends are gushing about. Not a pretty boy but extremely charming. For him, he was a believable office drone, and even more impossible, believable as the transitioned Wesley. That's talent and versatility right there. And did I mention a six-pack to boot?

So. The only thing left to say now is this: Can somebody educate me about this fascinating comic book world I have reserved as a past time for immature boys? I realize my mistake; I've transitioned. I'm ready for blood now. Any Yodas out there?

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