Thursday, July 17, 2008

Journey to the Center of the Earth

Thanks to Sem's innumerable resources, we got to watch a special screening of the latest version of the Journey to the Center of the Earth. When she invited me to grab one of her free tix, I got so hyped cos you know Josh Hutcherson? He's my boy!
I have loved him since his stint in Little Manhattan. He is the darnest, most adorable kiddo on the planet. Brendan Frazer is, to me, a kind of blaaah --- never liked him, except maybe only for one shot in the Mummy (1). But Josh... he's the kid I want to have. I will even go as far a wait for him to legally cross his jailbait status unto the realm of legal age and marry him so we can make a lot more tiny Joshes for the benefit of human kind.
The movie was, of course, a no-brainer. But fun. And I'm not saying that cos Josh is in it. If I was a five-year-old kid wanting to be introduced to the world of fantastic cinema, this movie ain't a bad introductory film. I will totally bring Gabe to watch this.
Even though I did question some of the scientific facts they played with in the story (how fast a T-Rex can run, how clear they can see, and if you grab a gravitating rock how it will not flip back up if it already flipped down and the heaviest weight is the part where you're grabbing etc.. etc...) you know what I mean --- I still liked it.
I mean, I'm not there to question gravity. I want to be taken to the city within the earth. And it did its job well.
Thanks Sem. I liked the movie. Even though if we were with a couple of misers who wouldn't even buy girls popcorn. Next time, let Eman and Ian buy the popcorn and the nachos. better yet, let's leave them at home. :) j/k!
Sa uulitin.

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  1. Anonymous12:50 AM

    ur welcome liv!!!
    till our next movie date :D