Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wala na ko Boses!

Isang araw pa lang yung training na pinapadaloy ko at wala na ako halos boses! I should've asked Daddy to let me in on how to keep my voice even after talking sooooo much.

But want to know a secret? I like my voice better when it's hoarse like this. At least I don't sound like my usual chipmunk self. I think I sing better when I sound like this too.

Oh and did I say I loooove CRTD? They have wi-fi access and so even if I'm in the middle of hectares and hectares of rice fields, I could still blog! Ahlooooveeeet!

Gotta go. I have to rush tomorrow's training design. I still have no idea how to run it. Hehe, winger forever talaga ang prinsesa nyo. :P Churi.

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