Saturday, February 16, 2008


I really have nothing to say today, but I'm killing time in Bicol and surfing has always been a good time murderer. Maybve I could share with you that I'm reading this absolutely funny book written by AJ Jacobs and it's called "The KNow-it-All". He's this guy who undertook reading the complete Encylcopaedia Britannica. Yes. The Encyclopedia. Britannica. Uh-huh.

Upon opening the book, you'll think it's a mini-encyclopedia in itself... which it is, I suppose. Except that this time, the relevant facts are being shared to you in a hilarious mode. Facts had never been as interesting as this.

Did you know that Descartes had a big passion for cross-eyed women? Did you know that the Encyclopedia Britannica (in it's 11th edition) described the natives of the Philippines as "Physical weaklings.. with large, clumsy feet..."? Did you know that your regular abalone has 5 rectums? That's a new take on "Up yours..."

You could say, "Which one?"

Read it, read it... it's worth the Php 700 bucks. I bought my copy in Fully Booked SM North The Block. Grab the last copy, now!

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