Thursday, February 21, 2008

Long-hair Blues

It's been a year and a half since I last cut my hair. I know it sounds a tad bit silly that I refused to let a scissor come near my tresses for the last few months. It's only because I wanted to cut it after Mummy's first death anniversary. Some sort of grieving ritual I held on to because I needed something tangible to do. Not cutting my hair was logical for me. But now, it's over and I have no excuse not to cut my hair anymore.

Thing is, I kinda learned to love my hair this way. It feels more feminine, and I have stopped stressing about my wavy locks. So what if it's not straight? A friend of mine described it as mala-dyosa hair (which could either mean it's pretty or I look like a taga-bundok). And with my hair longer, it lessened the tendency to look like Hagrid because its sheer weight keeps it down.

Though I did get a trim today. And to celebrate the newfound freedom I feel --- a hot oil as well. Hehe.

But long my hair shall stay. This I like I realized. Say you agree?

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