Thursday, February 14, 2008

Something Nasty This Way Comes

Mistake Number 1

Bringing a 4-year-old to watch a dark movie with the world's nastiest imagined creatures in it. Gabe was wide-eyed with fear during most of the faerie-human encounters. So scared was he, that he scrambled unto my lap and hid his face in my chest. God, I think I traumatized the kid.

But it turned out alright. He loved the flying Griffin part, and the fact that the good kids won the day. It didn't stop him from whispering fiercely to me to ask though, "That won't happen to us, right?" Scarred for life, that kid. And it's all my fault.

Oh, and do you want to know what my answer was? I said, "No, we don't live there."

Doh! Channeling Tara Reid!

My goodness, whatever shall I say if he asks how babies are made?

Mistake Number 2

Imagining the goblins wouldn't be so frightful. Well, I was only half-mistaken because they weren't exceptionally scary. But they were definitely Eeeeew-y.


Mistake Number 3

Feeding an over excited child who just came from a very excitable movie (for kids anyway). One mention of the goblin spit, and --- wooow!

Hiroshima in TRINOMA. Puked 'em!


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