Sunday, February 24, 2008

Showbiz Sunday

During a noon time show today, Heart Evangelista celebratd her birthday by singing a non-descript song with 2 other gorgeous but non-descript non-singers. Afterwards, she gave the usual flutter-a-lashes when she was given a bouquet of roses and a cake to blow. She made sure she mentioned all her endorsements : this shampoo, that sanitary liner, this CP provider, etc... then her parents, her friends. Then lastly, her sweetheart and her dog. Glad to know where Jericho stands in her life. A little above the dog. A guy could only be so lucky.

How can a mediocre singer and actor be so hot? I can't help but smile whenever he's on tv. Hay. Papa Sam. You're not perfect, but I'll take you.

Have you noticed how effortless it is for her to hit those high notes? Peborit ko talaga siya. Galing galing!

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