Thursday, February 14, 2008

Jumpy, Ain't It?

A travelogue, at best. :P I mean it! They showed the most fantastic places on earth, and true to the tag line, they showed us anywhere, anything, instantly.

But an Oscar it shall not achieve, of course. The movie dragged during some parts, especially when they were trying to emphasize that David (Hayden Christiansen) can go clubbing in London one moment, and then surfing in Fiji the next. Oh and yeah, he could dry off in Egypt too. Sci-fi it was supposed to be, but I haven't seen any other story that blurs the line between fantasy and science like this. Which is actually a good thing. I keep thinking, the book must be fantastic. It would capture the theory better. And I wish i wrote it first. All good though.

What isn't good is --- Rachel Bilson as a waitress-love interest. Surprise, surprise! The girl is sweet, and acts sweet and talks sweet, and gives me a toothache. I'm just not buying the whole googly-eye act. And while I'm at it, I urge you to congratulate Hayden for managing to add 2 more expressions while acting: lovesick and i'm-trying-to-look-sarcastic, whereas before (note Star Wars), he just looked always 1) confused and 2) intensely confused.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it, and I actually wanted to watch it in the first place. It helped that the premiere tickets were free as well (c/o of Ian's aunt). So I really don't have a lot of beef against it. It was light, not much thinking necessary and perfect for winding up a hectic day. You just relax watching the movie.... and to what proved to be a fantastic concept of wanting to jump through time as well yourself; therefore "Jumper" jokes cannot be helped afterwards.

I.e. Eman made, let's see, 5 references to wanting to Jump around Greenbelt 5 and 4 and 3... causing Sem to roll her eyes, like, 10 times. Oh, and yeah, I wanted to jump through time too when we saw our Executive Director malling with his wife and me not being able to surpress my squeal (yes, a squeal, a piggely-diggely freakin' squeal) of surprise.

Like, I'm not here, Goddammit. If I disappeared just in time, he'll probably think Ian squealed. Not me. Coz I'm not there. I'll be home.

Oh, yeah, which would've saved me the hassle of waiting for 30 minutes before a cab agreed to bring me to Monumento. Freak. I detest not having a car. Or a love-slave I could call during odd hours of the night to pick me up and bring me home.

Oh and yeah. Happy Valentine's Day, one and all.

Not like it's a real holiday. I'd sooner celebrate St. Agubus' feast day. He's the patron saint of fortune-tellers. So he signifies the future. As opposed to St. Valentine's who is the patron saint of lovers, and thus, of disappointment. The way I see it only, of course.

:P Hahah! PEACE, man.

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