Thursday, February 28, 2008

Gossip Girl / Gossip Boy

I'm 26 years old and I don't read Gossip Girl. I honestly think it's a Sweet Valley High rehash infused with coke and heroin. I happened to catch it once on cable and I'm shocked to realize that 12 year old girls actually read the book and watch the series. And it's all sex and deception and betrayal.
Well, yeah, maybe I should start wearing granny panties the way I'm talking. But imagine. If this is your reading/watching material at age 11 or so, what kind of point of view would you have about the world? Is it even surprising that high schools in the US are seen as bedeviled?

To clarify, I'm not about to crucify the series or the books. I just am really surprised how fast the younger generation is trying to grow up. And I thought my gen was all hyped up. I'm (almost) sure that I might actuall be a fan if I happened to be 15 years younger. But then again, sneaky girls and horndog boys, maybe not.


Back in 2006, I did a review for the movie The Covenant and mentioned that all the actors in the movie were talentless but unusually hot. I also foretold none of them will be famous anytime soon. Well, 2 years ain't soon, that's sure, but Chace Crawford who was in that movie is now the next "it" boy of Hollywood TV because of the Gossip Girl series. But again, watching him that once confirmed I still am not wrong about the talent-thing. The only viable reason why he can (almost) act competently is because it's not such a stretch to act alpha-hot-boy for him. Again, he's just blindingly cute and a lot of people will probably decide to not see a lot of other things instead.

Why act when you can just be hot?
Just ask Paris Hilton. She would agree.

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