Saturday, July 14, 2007

Order of the Day

What happened to Daniel Radcliffe? Where did the adorable kid go? Who the freak is that hunk doing his lines? Y'know I'm a sucker for geeky-looking guys...

Times like this, I hate being older than most of the cute guys I see.... Just watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix... Loverly... I don't know what other people say about it. But me? I was just transfixed. Without an LOTR movie to divert my attention, I am beginning to understand the phenomenon that is about to take place come July 22.

The end of the Harry Potter books. Which might mean the end of Harry Potter himself. :)

Love it. Haven't reserved it yet, but I know I'll get around to doing that one of these days. MP4 muna, then the book .:()


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