Friday, July 27, 2007

An Expanding Spirit

I don't know what happened. First, I was so down in the dumps that for a time, I thought my depression was coming back. It was almost the same misery except that there was a dimension to it that was just too .... dark for me to grasp. Then, I was suddenly appreciating everything: the dirty pink city skyline, lotuses on the dirty Pasig River, my Tita Agie's gentle remonstrations about what I eat, free LRT passes... the list goes on.

It brought me to realize that I have learned to love more now. Especially when it comes to people. It's as if, back then, all my love was reserved for Mummy and Daddy. But now, the love I should've used for them gets divided into this so many people I am getting to appreciate more.

Not to get me wrong, I still love my parents with all of my being. But they are experiencing a greater love now, and what earthly focus I have can be refocused somewhere else.

I also wonder if it is even possible to go back to the old depressed Olivia. Would I ever find myself that hopeless ever again? Can I bewoe life now that I know that I'm probably living under God's lucky star? Now that I am more certain that God has control over my life and that I have witnessed His miracles? That even in my darkest moments, He set out numerous stars to keep my path lighted?

I hope, and all I need to do is hope,that I never ever will.


On a lighter note:

We're going to watch The Simpsons Movie tomorrow! Libre ni Ella! :P Saya ng may sister na working na! :)

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