Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Correspondence of 2 Geeks

Not that I don't feel like composing a different entry; but I think this actually captures what i want to say, so why reinvent the wheel?

Dear Norman,

How do I phrase this....

My heartfelt gratitude... nah...
My utmost thanks... erg.


Still feel like discussing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows? I've finished the whole thing yesterday. My boss wouldn't thank you coz I didn't do ANY work the whole day. Just stared at my monitor while my pointy finger pushes the down key --- ALL DAY. But what he doesn't know wouldn't kill him or lead him to kill me-- yet.

And another thing --- I'm terribly sorry. I feel like a dork emphasizing things like "I've got other priorities now" ek-ek when you texted me that you thought I "invested" on a copy of the book this time...I was terribly depressed the last few days, felt responsibility hanging like a noose around my neck, ready to snap and suffocate me any minute now. I was actually, wishing, hoping (!), I die early too so I wouldn't have to carry it for very long. Drama!

But, HP 7 totally engrossed me, and when I resurfaced to the real world at around 1:30 a.m. this morning, my heart was pumping fast, I was still wide-eyed with excitement over what I just read and I was happy (happy!) to be alive (and that Harry was alive too). Me! Who, 26 hours ago, was planning to overload on sweets so I would go kaput early in life.

Promise me one thing, won't you? Don't let me accidentally kill myself before I've written anything half as fascinating as HP, okei? Kahit half lang.

Buti na lang I can't hug you through email, because I want to squeeze you and Hagrid-esque, I might not realize I'm breaking your pretty little neck. Thank you for reminding me who I am; although knowing you, you'd have no idea what you did or the consequences of what you did were at all. :)

Til next time,

P.S. You also worked for some Divine hand, you know that? I think I was actually angry that I couldn't be that Olivia who can go moony-eyed over a book anymore. I was angry that a part of me had to die because "they" died. My Daddy knew I love Harry Potter, and he knew I wouldn't be as impractical throwing away half a month's sweldo on one book (unlike before). He never wanted me to feel "kawawa" and he would do anything in his power to keep me from wallowing in misery. I don't know how you got that copy, and why you decided to send it (probably kasi tinatamad ka lang maglista ng pangalan), but I recognized it for the gift that it was. Thank you for being part of it.

Liv channeling Luna Lovegood

----- Original Message ----From: "Lapid, Norman"
It's the real book 7. I checked. Hehe, I have my sources. ;)


-----Original Message-----From: Livia Burgos Subject: Re: book 7

wait, are you sure this is the real one? where'd you get it?

sure ka, ha?

----- Original Message ----From: "Lapid, Norman" Subject: book 7


Here's the full text of book of book 7. If you'd still prefer that I e-mail you the list of everyone that died and went back to life, let me know. :)


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