Friday, July 06, 2007


  • it doesn't do anyting for me. Who in this world cares if three minutes ago I gained my level 3 certification and that out of my 119 precious answers, 45% (54) was voted as best answer?

  • No one. But I don't think that'll stop me from participating. It just makes you feel so much part of something. And kind of smart too, I have to admit. Everytime you get that "Best Answer" nod, I feel validated as a genius. Ego-trippin, in short.
  • But I guess, the first reason: that you feel part of something is also valid. I've made friends in Yahoo answers, believe it or not. There's this do-gooder from Davao and this 11-year-old kid from Singapore. There's the awesome God_lives_underwater too! I never really udnerstood how people canlive a life through the internet, but now, I think I can see the glimpse of it. I don't plan to indulge to netopia forever though.

  • But it does approximate some semblance of living a life. And for now, I'm good.

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