Saturday, November 24, 2007

Preacher in Blue Jeans

When you think of the word preacher, an image of a grizzly old man donning a rucksack comes to mind. It rarely presents an energetic middle-aged man with a face smooth as a baby's bottom and wearing blue jeans. Goodness, I mean, that's so... normal.

That's why I think Bo Sanchez is so effective in what he does : communicating God's word in an accessible, normal way. He doesn't scare you into submitting to the Faith. He explains it all to you and gives you the choice to claim your core gift and your blessings from the Lord. And he says it in that straight forward witty way that kind of amazes you in its simplicity.

Sometimes, I think I want to be like him. I remember my Daddy when I watch Kerygma on TV. He's got the same vigor and that same light in his eyes when he speaks of what good God has done in our lives.

I wonder now why I have always disliked joining religious groups. I mean, shouldn't I be automatically drawn to them growing up with both parents actively involved in such an organization? They enjoyed it, they took strength from it. I saw the good it has done for them and the others who were with them. Why don't I feel an inkling towards feeling that same joy they felt?

I have reason to think it might be the exhaustive presence of Others that keeps me away. Agape and all that is cool --- but I tend to get exhausted if made to connect with too many people. Everyone in the Catholic Group are just so --- touchy-feely. And they like it. They love it. they bask in others' comforting hugs and their cheek-to-cheek kisses. They affirm their sisterhood and brotherhood through it. It's all so good. I don't understand why I can't just stomach it and endure it. I have always preferred worshipping in solitude. It feels more intimate and closer to Him. I have never felt his Power as strongly as when I pray alone. When I join in prayer with others, the energies gets so diffused and I get confused... No, it's not the same.

So, I guess there goes my career as inspirational preacher. And it feels so sayang because a solid part inside me knows I can also effectively communicate God's word. I can work an audience, make them feel sorrow and pain and joy and deliverance by speaking simple, powerful words. It's my core gift -- choosing the powerful words and communicating it well... If I choose to. I just can't deal with the other things you have to deal with to get there.

But it can't stop me from admiring those who can though. That is why, Bo Sanchez, to me, is a fantastic person. What he does takes so much energy -- sharing takes so much from one person and yet he can give it continually. I believe he chooses everyday to do it. Which is more than what I can say I do.

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