Saturday, November 03, 2007

Dresden Files

Over the long vacation I have been spending my time soaking up the different Jim butcher series called "Dresden Files." There's a similar show in the states based on the book, but as before, I'm a bigger fan of the book.

Harry Dresden is the only wizard listed in the Chicago phone book. Yes, he advertises his services but only helps out with really dire, serious cases. No, he does not make love potions either. And man, the writing is engaging! Sobra. When Harry's battling werewolves, or putting down necromancers, or dealing with the sidhe, or kicking vampires.... it rocks.

You have to reads it to love it. Oh, and yeah, National Bookstore sells a version of it for P 425 - 626 / copy. I love National, but Powerbooks offers another edition that only costs P 385 each. So, sorry po. But I'm practical lang. Grab your copies now. :P

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