Saturday, November 10, 2007

Night Cab Ride

After an exhausting week (two 2-day trainings, mad-scram preparations and whole day classes in La Salle), I went to the gym and sweated all the stress out. After which all my muscles groaned in pain and on a whim, I took a cab home.

Night is beautiful. Everything seems indeterminate in moonlight. Almost everything gets that surreal quality that stands out starkly in sunlight. Even moldy old buildings become graceful with just a little lighting. And oh, the lights. They're like fireflies.

Something stole over me as my silent cab driver maneouvered our way through insane traffic. I just kept my eyes pinned at the passing scenery and it came. It was ---- solace. I think. Or maybe it was --- hmmm...this is hard --- happiness? Can it be happiness? Is it possible to be happy and content even if it's only been barely a year since they've gone?

But I suppose, it is possible. Knowing myself, I don't need ALL aspects of my life to be peachy to get this feeling. Sometimes, it comes even if I'm terribly upset about something. There's this... RIGHT-ness. It's an alignment which fits. If I had a movie camera, it's like I'm panning the scenery and then suddenly focusing on a minute detail which suddenly expands into a whole picture. I wish i can explain it better.

But I'm sure you've felt it. I think it's one of those things that keeps us human. Maybe you should try a late night cab ride too. :p Not too late though or you might just end up as holdupper meat. :p

Sigh. Tonight should last forever.

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  1. i love evening cab rides. it relaxes me.