Sunday, November 04, 2007

Davao Wacky Horror Picture Show

Jack's Ridge : Frontage

An interesting detail on the mural behind me:

The controversial Statue of David at the waterfront:

(why controversial? because it has man's genitalia in full regalia on display, and Dabaweños being Catholics think it's .... uhm... inappropriate) (the Greeks are probably rolling over their graves right now)

Davao Crocodile Park frozen animals (j/k!)

Gabe, Champ (both cousins) and moi

Ella's Cheesy Pic #1 (With Pangil, the man-eater crocodile)

Tito Ron (whom we call Toron) posing on an accidental signage:

Me and Dabaw:

The National Shrine for the Sto. Niño:

Ella and Gabe coming from Paradise Island.

My cousins Nikki and Abigail.

Ella's Cheesy Pic #2

Family Picture

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