Friday, June 29, 2007

Selling My Soul at Extremely Low Prices

Secondhand books, anyone?

Yes, I have finally gotten around to doing it. Am cleaning my bookshelves by selling most of the books I know I will never touch again. Be it because I have read to the nth infinity or I just really cannot imagine myself having the time to go through it again.

I need space. New books are coming in, which equates to new ideas, new experiences and even new knowledge. I cannot stay stuck in the past. Ergo, I am letting go. Sure, it feels like a part of my soul is being sold at extremely low prices too, but heck, I need the space to breathe don't I?

So if you are interested, you can email me to request for the list: The books are mostly speculative fiction and contemporary fiction.


What an idiotic show. Wendy is still in. I know, I know! For someone who swore I will not watch it for its sheer stupidity, I just cannot help but CARE that the biyatch is still in.

Ella's reaction when she found out Wendy was not eliminated:

"For that, I will never trust SGV ever again!" says she.
Amen to that.


I can talk about marbles and it will still be more cerebral than talking about THAT show. I think talking about soap bubbles will be more satisfying even.

But what I really wanted to discuss is leaning more towards philosophic meanderings. I was just wondering how low people can go.

What would it take for you to sell your soul?

I can honestly tell you I have been there. Pondered how I can. For a bit more moolah back when my Mum was in the hospital.

Would it make much difference if you were selling it for unselfish purposes? Do you think God will forgive you easier if its because of a noble cause? Or is selling your soul a black and white transgression that will exact a toll regardless of your intention?

I was just wondering. I am kind of scared of ever finding myself in a similar crossroad again. I pray to God that I never will. But then again, it's not for me to predict my future.

it just got me off thinking......

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