Monday, June 25, 2007

I am changing my life this week.

This is my checklist:

I am submitting a letter signifying my interest for a new position within PBSP.

I am going to submit the SSS documents for my parent’s death benefit and to finally get it over with. The extra cash will come in handy.

I am going back to the gym.

I am going to drink my medicines religiously now --- really.

If I get the extra cash -- I am going to cut my hair and die it blue black (hehe, no, not pink).

I am going to sell my old books (must.force.myself.sell.let.go.). Watch out for the list soon, you might want to buy some of it.

I will now subscribe to the cleaning magical powers of Muriatic Acid. Our toilet bowl is miraculously transformed into pristine white after having been murky and yellow for weeks on end. I wish I paid more attention to it before. I wish it didn’t take everybody leaving us or dying before I learned to care. I mean, simple Muriatic Acid. My gosh.

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