Monday, June 18, 2007


I wish I can start talking about sensible things again. I keep waiting for the day I'll be able to indulge in my usual diatribes. But I wonder if I can ever go back to being that girl, who can rant ad nauseaum.

Remember in high school, we'd write to friends that we hope they never ever change? Of course, we just mean nice people should stay nice. But even that is impossible. Say for example, I think I'm still nice. But not the same doormat niceness I used to be. I have developed edges that weren't there before.

If I can go back to those days we were writing those silly notes on yearbooks and autographs, I'll change it to something like this:

I hope you will change into the person you admire the most.


I have a friend who is in a complicated relationship right now, and we spent three hours discussing the many things making their relationship miserable. Of course, I remained the passive listener since I do not have experiential sagacity to impart. It's complicity astounds me. Made me think that if I had a problem like that now, on top of everything else, I would probably, really go insane.

I wonder if that will ever happen to Seb and me in the end...

Well, first, we gotta find ways to even start, I guess. :P

But I feel for my friend. My take on it is that it's yet another fatality due to the Quarter Life Crisis. My God, it's happening to everyone. Why is it that my friends undergoing this "phase" are popping out like mushrooms now when I had to go through it alone a year ago?

But I guess, I'm lucky I got hit pretty early. There were still my parents to keep me afloat then. Life's good.


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