Friday, June 08, 2007

Isla Verde

I get a little disoriented when people mention that Isla Verde is a barangay in Batangas City, because it really could be in another world entirely. Wow, just wow!

I have never seen such variety of fish before. We did a little snorkeling near the shoreline and we can see so many kinds already: butterfly cleny, parrot fish, sargeant fish... and many other multi-colored ones I cannot even name. Imagine what we would've seen if we actually went to the more famous sites!

It is amazing what the communities surrounding the island has done for their waters. Their Coastal Management Program is tops! Just goes to show we are still capable of uniting for good causes.

Here's some of the first pics... have to wait for the others pa, especially the pics taken of the fish squabbling over bread. :P

Leah Beach have huts lining the shoreline. Some families are content to splash around here, but I find it a little unclean and smelly. This is where the large bancas picked us up going to Isla Verde. (see in the background)

Blue on Blue... haaaay... ahloveeet!

Nalayag Rock, this is the center of the center for marine biodiversity of the world!
Pa-cute sa boat: Geo and I

Verde Island Resort from afar...

We were given welcome drinks and shelter from the harsh sun.

Our welcome banner! Our (PBSP) REEF Project is a challenging project, but mayhaps, a good one.
Ganyan kalinaw ang tubig. A miracle to a city girl who only knows Manila Bay as a standard. Wait for the fish pics, amazing!

This is what summer would always look like to me from now on.

Bonding sa wharf: me, Terts, Noel and Amy

Posing as Penshoppe Girls

Ahhh.. sunset.



Can't wait! :P Will be inaccesible yet again over the weekend. See ya all Monday!

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