Thursday, June 21, 2007

Palawan Montage

I admit it, I am L - A - Z - Y.
I just posted the pics my friends took which I liked (i don't have my own digicam, boohoo!). Some have caps, some I'd rather just post. :)

Team Casa Linda: dre, yel and I plus yvonne and johnson

the pretty sandbar we spent our time in while waiting for our turn in the underground river boats

Vietville Restaurant: nothing to see, lots to eat though

Coming out from the cave

Beautiful scenery, beautiful people, basta beautiful...


Entrance to the Underground River

Puerto Princesa market

aka the Crocodile Farm

The skeleton and hide of the largest crocodile captured in the phils.
important lesson: difference between crocodile and an alligator

Now, I bite you... Wahr!!

At the Badjao Seafront restaurant

Inside the Butterfly Farm. And no, we're not required to wear salbabida. Bilbil ko lang yan. :)

Our flutterby friend from inside the farm

As per usual, my life vest won't fit. They make vests for dwarves. I should form a giant and ogre union for equal life vests opportunities.

Na-flat kami. Nakaupo kasi ako sa ibabaw ng gulong na iyan. Peste.

Inside Casa Linda. The Inn reminds me so much of Rock Inn in Sagada, except that, it's hot in Palawan.

I might have some more pics, if ever the goddess Andrea deems it worth her while to upload the pics from her camera. I very much doubt it.

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