Friday, June 15, 2007

Mystery Boy sa FX sa Philcoa

Book in Hand: Maximum Ride: School's Out Forever by James Patterson
Song in Mind: Sundo by Imago

This is my morning routine p. I wake up at 5:30 a.m., take a bath, get dressed, mechanically spoon cereal into my mouth to avoid hypoglycemic-ing, then scamper off.

I ride a bus to Philcoa, get down, ride an FX to the Manila Post Office.

Sounds easy? Huh. You better not mean that.

This morning, I sat beside a large guy reading Harry Potter 6. And I mean, he was Herculean. I couldn’t bring myself to look up to his face but I can see he had long, powerful thighs. Broad shoulders. And HE WAS READING HARRY POTTER!

Mejo masikip (duh! Magkatabi kami dalawang dambuhala), kaya nahirapan ako iabot sa kanya yung bayad ko sa FX. Others would have been irritated already, but when I said, “Uh-oh, sorry.” He laughed lightly. He had a nice laugh.

I wanted to talk to him about Harry Potter. I can. I’ve read that book like 4 times. But I was feeling dizzy, I’m not sure my breath was okay, I was shy… all the excuses. Man, I was such a wuss! I didn’t even get halfway to mustering up the courage to talk to him when he had to go down.
I moved sideways and held the door. He reached out to hold the door open as well. Our hands touched and it stayed that way for like, 5 seconds. Then he was down and said a heartfelt, “Thank you.” He had a nice, deep voice.

I muttered, “Sure.” Wimp. Wimp. I’m such a Wimp!

Now, I will never see that guy again. And I haven’t even seen his face up close! I don’t know how he looks like, except his jaw was kind of squarish, and that his bulk was mostly mass and density. There was also an indication that he had light brown eyes, once when I swept past it while sneaking a peak into his book (he noticed me looking at the pages and he smiled a little)

I just hope that come Monday, he’d be riding the FX again. Sana, sana Lord, please? Mabait naman ako diba? Pleeeeeaaaase???????

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