Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Groove of Things

I will be on official business going to Isla Verde in Batangas City starting today so I will be a bit inaccesible. I am desperately trying to fit back into the groove of things --- work, home life, imagination-wise. Maybe I'm not doing so bad, but it wouldn't explain why I feel like totally lost.

Anyhow, I was very excited about this trip because Isla Verde was recently named as the World's Hub for Marine Biodiversity. With my current mood though, a volcano can erupt right in front of me and I still wouldn't give a darn.

I am also a little uncomfortable with the hypoglycemic medicines I'm taking. It makes me sick in the mornings when I haven't had breakfast. Erg. Like today. Must eat. Must. I was so woozy that a jeepney almost ran me over this morning. I was trying to cross the street when a jeepney overtook another jeepney while I was crossing. Then, when I got to the curb, I got a bit dizzy and took an involuntary step backwards --- just as a motorbike swooshed dangerously close by. Last time I checked, today isn't Friday the 13th. It's just me and my persistent belief that I can still go without breakfast.

Anyhow, must go now. Pray I don't get struck by lightning on my way out.


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