Thursday, January 25, 2007

Just two days to go and I'd officially be a quarter-lifer...

I'm... not sad.

No, I'm not being a hypocrite. I'm not sad because the sophist in me tells me I'm learning so many things which I know is helping me become more equipped in dealing with real life. It really blows sometimes how alone I feel now, but some blessings come along to remind me that I will never truly be lonely.

I rushed Mummy to the ER last Saturday, and she'd been in the ICU since Sunday. I've only gone home once to take a bath last Monday and I now stink to the high heavens. I've got the darkest eyebags this side of North Caloocan. The Health Provider's coverage is running unto depletion. No more Daddy to come swishing in to rescue her little big princess. And yet, the heavens are intervening to assist us in our needs. Little signs affirm our belief that we are not being ignored by the armies of heaven.

What an un-boring life it is right now.

Now Livvie, when you were younger and you wanted your name to be Lizzie, isn't this exactly what you wished for? A life that's lived --- there's no greater gift.

Happy Birthday.

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