Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Sleeping Around

I miss sleeping around...

Hehe, but before you get any "green" ideas, that's just my attention-grabbing statement for saying I miss traveling. Really, I miss being in different localities, meeting different people, eating local delicacies. Shoot, I hope you've taken the green vibe off your minds now---- I can just see you guys snickering and saying: oh yeah, meeting "people" and "eating local delicacies"... rock on...

I just am missing travel. These days, I feel the urge to go far, far away and my bore-at of a job locks me down in the office. Dunno.

Hay. Good night anyway.

P.S. Somebody got Mo Twister on his ranting mood today about hypocrisy of media reporters --- again. So stubborn and yet so brave. If I'm married to this guy, I would probably end up irrevocably insane but not before having the most exhilirating, thrilling ride of my life. Crash and burn, baby. 8-)

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