Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Wonder List

File Sharing

File sharing is phenomenal. I really can’t believe people can get away with it. So much material are just floating in cyberzone and I’ve had so much loot since I was introduced to mininova and limeware. I know there are issues about piracy and it’s so very hard to find legal content. I’m not gonna play high and mighty, I do download a lot, whether licensed or not. I know I ought to feel guilty, but… the real stuff cost a lot. Even my students have dozens of movies filed away in their laptop hardware. And now, it won’t take me forever to find books, movies or music I want to hear. Press some keys and a click and the world really is under your fingertips.Uh-mazing.


I’m talking about the film and not Rihanna’s song. I legally borrowed the dvd from a shop and took my own sweet time watching it. But when I did, I was literally sitting at the edge of my seat throughout the whole thing! It was seriously one heck of a suspense film. Given that I don’t go for slasher movies (I watched I Know What You Did Last Summer and Scream which led me to swear off those kind of films). So it may be that I am not exactly up-to-date about new twists in plots. But this one was sooooo believable. Shia LeBouf is a phenomenon. I now understand why he’s making such a buzz in H-wood (aside from his rockstar behaviour). It frightened me so much that I had to stand during a chase scene because I cannot stand the suspense anymore. It renewed my belief that genres really don’t matter much. A good story is a good story. To sum it up, I loved it!

Ryan Agoncillo

The rehashed channel 5 has this show which I think apes Britain’s Got Talent / America’s Got Talent and it’s called Talentadong Pinoy. Basically, anybody who’s got talent, any kind of talent, can join and win Php 50,000 pesos in cash. The reigning winner is an overweight lady who loves dressing up as a drag queen and walking on a tightwire. Yes! She can walk sa alambre, and the alambre doesn’t snap. If anything in that act is talented, I’d vote for the alambre. But I’m not really amazed about the show. What amazes me is Ryan’s return from Mars. I mean, for a while there, he looked washed up and zoned out. But now, his hair’s nice and short and he looks smashing in his tailored suit. Handsome, anyone? He is. Okay, so I might not be the best judge because I spent the better part of my college days crushing on him. But look at him now without the junkie-hairstyle, he’s really the man! Judy Anne Santos is cool and all, but… I really hate the fact she landed a diamond in the ace. Chubby rin naman ako ah? Why not meeee? Wargh!#!

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