Friday, October 24, 2008

Of Weddings, Outings and Trainings

Just got back from Bicol province yesterday where I spent one week engaging in at least 1 of the 3 abovementioned things.


We flew to Legazpi and since some of my companions have never seen the city, we hired a van to tour us around. The works, nothing I haven’t seen before. Pero iba pala talaga pag may kasamang baguhan kasi parang nagiging exciting ulit. Visited Cagsawa Ruins, a couple of churches, then passed by CWC on the way to Naga where we were staying for the next 3 nights.


Preparations for Damae’s wedding. Two words: Super stressful. Ganun pala ikasal? Nakakabaliw. And to think hindi pa ako member of the family or the bride. Damae, after one of her countless pre-church pictorials said, “Kakapagod maging bride.” I was just a damn ssecondary sponsor and emcee, but I agree. Probably because OCD and Passive-Aggressive yung organizer niya.. Organizers are supposed to handle stress well. And if you keep prodding your people to Smile!, make damn sure you smile as well. No love lost between us, for sure.

But it was all worth it if only because the wedding was beautiful. Damae was beautiful. Rael, was just basically, damp, because he was crying a lot. He wouldn’t be the only 1, because all of the bridesmaid’s section were virtually weeping with joy, moi included.

The wedding was held at the St. John the Evangelist Church, and the reception at the Clubhouse of Jardin Real. Both good places. Medyo windang yung pag-emcee namin kasi… well, not blaming it on the other person… pero there’s something to be said if you start a wedding by calling the grooms men as opposed to the groom’s parents as clearly stated in the program. And I was starting to hink he was the manager of the wedding band because he kept plugging Phantasmagoria. I wanted to sit down with him before the wedding. I tried, but he was too… lutang or distracted and I didn’t want to come across as a dominatrix, so I let it go. Kaya yun. Lutang din kami. But all in all, we both survived. Almost.
Here’s some pictures of the beautiful bride. :)

Sarah, Guada, ian, Remy, Geo, and Bing

Damae and Me

The Nervous Groom ( I would be nervous too if I'm marrying Damae) Hehe, peace!


We couldn’t go to Caramoan, so we settled with Atulayan. It was an okay beach. It was nice that we were the only people there. But it wasn’t exactly clean waters and all. We spent some time avoiding the seaweeds floating with the changing currents. But we had a good time because… well, we chose to. Almost feels like family, LRO.

Had dinner at Bing’s house where we had all of Naga’s best food. She bought Crispy Sisig from Starmark, Chicken from Bigg’s, and Barbeque from the Plaza. Yum!

Almost Caramoan

Bathing (Survivor Style)

Monday to Wednesday

Back to reality, back to work. But work that day meant facilitating a Leadership/Strat Planning session in one of our school beneficiaries in Lagonoy, Cam Sur. The school I went to was nestled between mountain ranges. No electricity, and the running water was provided by mountain spring alone. It was beautiful, only too dang inconvenient. I feel for the people who live there. They sleep at 6 p.m., for crying out loud. They’d rather conk out than spend precious pesos on gasoline for their lamps. It’s nice to experience once in a while, but I will not survive a month in Bolo.


Back home. TV. Light bulbs. Electric Fan. My bed!!!

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