Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Boyzone's Back?

Er... make that Manzone. They certainly aren't boys anymore. Boy, oh boy.

Yeah, so I was completely enamored of this guys back then. And you know what? I am not ashamed to pull up my Irish-loving jammies and still say I loved Boyzone when I was a teener. C'mon, everyobody's got their phases. My Mum loved Victor Wood -- go figure.

If only because watching them do ridiculous dances in snappy suits brings back good old memories, I can even say, I love them still. This is their newly released video for "Love You Anyway." The song is a certified LSS-inducer. I know. It's been ringing in my head for the last 28 hours. The video though is silly with a capital S. Haven't really stopped laughing since I saw it this morning. Here it is then, so you can laugh and shake your head along with me. :)

P.S. Stephen's still cute, by the way. :) But Shane and Keith are like, hotter, than I remember them to be. Is it only me or Mikey looks like Chandler Bing? And Ronan... well. He'd always be Ronan, eh?

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