Friday, October 31, 2008


Outside the lights are fading
Into crisp October nights
Where the cold is almost biting
Like air from mountain heights.

Inside the candles flicker
Reminding me of you
How much you loved the softer glow,
its warmer, gentler hue.

Soon I will be lighting candles
Upon your silent graves
Lay flowers tied in bundles
Grief assaulting me in waves.

They said the years will cure me
Of the sorrow and despair
They expect I move on swiftly
But I hardly think thats fair.

How can a child forget so soon
The hands that soothed pain?
The love that shone ever bright
A beacon through the rain?
This child leaned on majestic rocks
Dependable and strong
Now all she’s got are sticks and stones
To divine what’s right from wrong.
No, forgetting is a sin and I
Have plans to never fall
I’ll wait even if it means I’ll hurt and cry
Until the day I hear you call.

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