Monday, October 06, 2008

What scares her the most aren't vampires or ghouls or even robbers and rapists. Those terrific shows that paints horror as black and red aren't even close to the real terrors hidden within a man's heart. Their fangs and their knives along with the blood curdling scream does not have the same terrifying power that failure does. It does not make the heart quail or the soul shiver. No, the worst nightmare isn't naything set in the fantastic. All of it is here, quite near, embedded deep into reality.

What frightens her the most is that she would never amount to anything. What scares her is that belief that she's special, that she can do and can be, is nothing but a load of bull. She can paint majestic dreams but what use will they be if they'll be nothing but? Everyday, the reality that dreams will never be true permeates her existence. She has nothing but what she could conceive of. If they are nothing, she is nothing.

The scariest place is here. Mediocrity in reality.

It scares me.

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