Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I’m sorry I haven’t been blogging as regularly as before. I have been… pre-occupied with something. But much better now after spending a little time with girlfriends who always say things as it is.

What happened was I have a friend who, out-of-the-blue snuck kisses on my cheek. A couple of times. Maybe it wasn’t the kiss that got me confused; it’s who was giving it. I wasn’t sure how to act. So the manang in me did, said, showed nothing. Maybe that was a mistake. Maybe I should’ve whined, slapped him or jibed about it. But my instinct had always been “shut up and think” when it comes to unfamiliar territory so my neurons were too busy processing data and failed to commandeer any show of immediate distinctive and definitive response.

I think any convent-school-raised girl will have the same stupefaction I’ve had because I have never really had guy friends growing up and those I became close with are far in-between and few. And some of them are gay. So, as for standards for how a girl and a boy who are just friends should act, I really have nothing. For all my genius and sass-talk, I am still quite socially inept.

After the initial panic, my reliable logical brain has figured out that this guy meant the kisses as a sign of affection, but probably not a lot more. I wouldn’t dwell on it anymore. Besides, I think I got my fair revenge because a couple hours later that day, I kissed him back and now let him mull that over! Two could play this game.

I’m evil, I know.

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