Sunday, May 25, 2008


And I don't think I mean just the food.

My family is a family of gourmands. So yes, we actually enjoy watching cooking shows. Not that we get to replicate the dishes executed by those master chefs, but seeing them cook everything is feast enough for our eyes.

My Dad loved Wok with Yan. We actually tune in to the show every Saturday, or was it Wednesday? Then when we got cable TV, we watched East meets West and Wolfgang Puck. I also became a Bobbly Flay foodie (as opposed to groupie). And of course, Iron Chef rocks! Who thought a bunch of old men and women cooking up a storm could be an interesting contest? But it was awesome!

I actually liked their homey faces, those chefs. They looked believable and capable. No, I hated that good-looking chef in Food 911. He looked fake.

But who knew I'd change my mind when I saw a local cooking show counterpart? Chef to Go and its mainstay Rob Pengson is yummy. And the food, I imagine, is even more so. Just imagine, if your boyfriend is someone who could actually pronounce bavarois accurately (a kind of vanilla custard), and know the whole freakin' line of mushroom varieties? And if he can make pretty mean cuisine, i think you better tie his hands and feet and never let him out of your sight.


No, I don't want him for my own (liar,liar, pants on fire!); I could just imagine how much bigger I'll end up becoming. 350 pounds and all that. Please, dear Lord, just don't let him be some savant in preparing yummy meals that makes you lose weight, because then, only then, would the world be too cruel to bear.


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