Saturday, May 24, 2008

Turd TV

The thing about having no cable TV at home is this: you suddenly realize how hopeless the shows on local networks are. I know I have flmaed out a LOT of other tv shows before, but I have reached another inconceivable level of annoyance over the weekend.

Let's start with Pinoy Idol. Headache inducing, I promise you. I thought it was a singing contest, but I realized that the point is to have 3 TH judges tell you insensibilities. None of the contestants could sing, and none of the judges makes sense.

Dyesebel. Ilang beses nyo ba ireremake yan? And if Marian Rivera can shake her booty it doesn't mean she can act. If she's not being OA, she's bein pa-cute. I mean really.

And what the eff is Kapitan Boom supposed to be? My gosh, whoever that guy is, the one who portrays the transformed Kapitan Boom --- he's hopeless. Can't act, can't speak straight, doesn't even look good in his suit.

Crazy. Crazy TV. I'll go insane, swear. Good thing may replay ng Signos mamaya. That might redeem Philippine T, I hope.

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