Monday, May 05, 2008


Growing up a girl has its setbacks. Being gifted with Barbie dolls is one. People buying you all things pinks is another. But I recently discovered that I have no idea how to make a kite as well. When Gabe asked for a kite, it's a good thing our second cousin Joakim knows how.

My gosh, kite-making is a science and an art.

First, you have to get pieces of walis tingting and make sure they are aligned properly. It's best to use plastic bags because it's lighter. You have to make sure that the plastic is stretched and taut so it'll fly higher. There's even balancing the thread so it won't bear too much to the left or right.

Really, something so simple couldn't be that complicated, but it is. It demands knowledge of physics and gravity and wind velocity. Not kid's play at all.

It seems trivial to adults, I'm sure. But it's never too late to learn how to make a kite. The imagination grows better, not older. Can't wait for tomorrow when we'll fly it at the Sunken Garden in UP.

Growing up doesn't mean forgetting the simple liberties. I'm pretty sure of that now. It's about expanding boundaries and kite-making has just moved my borders a little further than before. I'm glad.

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