Wednesday, November 26, 2008

No Vampire Movie This Weekend. Period.

Maybe the Fates are trying to screw me. For some reason, my sister wants to see Twilight. During opening weekend. And the only thing I can ask her is "Why?!#%!"

No hyped-up movie aside from the Lord of the Rings is worth seeing on an opening weekend. And even then we decided to watch LOTR3 on a weekday. So what is so special about Twilight that we have to watch it with the rest of the mindless hordes? It's bad enough that I forced myself to read the books so when some adoring Edward Cullen fan spitefully challenges my opinions by asking :"But have you read the book?" I can look him / her squarely in the eye and answer, "Yes, all 4 books, because I kept hoping it'll get better, or something must be there to hook so many people. But it started from dismal to appalling and I suffered the most tortorous hours of my life." Never let it be said I didn't give it more than a fighting chance.

But now she's asking me to watch a pasty-faced Cedric Diggory making googly eyes on some pasty-faced kid. As an antidote, I made her read all the movie critiques/reviews coming in from the US, and most of them are bad. I made her do the math:

bad book= bad script
bad script+ good-looking people -underripe acting = campy flick
campy flick +forgiving adoring fans = irritated non-fans
Irritated non-fan big sister = Crappy weekend = Bad Cooking

She got the message.

To make it up to her, I bought her Season 2 of Gossip Girl, and she can saturate her mind with senselessness this long weekend. Yes, it's just as bad as Twilight, but at least she'll leave me at peace.

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