Sunday, November 30, 2008

Knackered Silly

What's the one movie you watched as a child that has utterly fascinated you in a horrific way?
I believe we all have one. That movie adults will mostly think campy or ridiculous but our impressionable minds totally wrapped itself around it. And it's usually gory and bloody and we can't help but have nightmares about it. Admit it, most of the twenty-something generation today were at least once terrified by one of the numerous Shake, Rattle and Roll or Stephen King's horror flicks (remember the one with the hundred cats???).
Of course when we watch it now, that terrifiying movie would just be inane. But then still... once in a while, you have to pry your fingers from the armrest where your hands unconsciously gripped it. And then push your butt backward away from the edge of the seat. Now whyever did you do that? Huh.
Well, for me, one of those unforgettable bad movies include Tremors. Remember this? The one where people get stuck in a valley where there were humongous worms ready to eat them once they made as much as a shuffling sound? Vibration sensitive, they follow their prey by the waves they generate when moving around. To keep safe from them, you have to stay on top of boulders. Pole vault from rock to rock. Haul a tractor. And to save yourselves, you have to make them eat thousand-ton explosives, whereupon the wonders of sulfuric powder and ingestion will transpire. They'll explode to a gelatinous pulpy red-orange stuff you wouldn't let a 4-year-old kid see in case it scars them for life.
I kid you not. To prove it to you, I'll share how it caused shifts in my psychology:
1. For years afterwards, I tried to make as little noise as possible when walking. (My Mum also had a thing about "kinakaladkad ang tsinelas or sapatos" which further reinforced my behaviour).
2. I have a general sense that rocks saves lives. Which would lead me, directly or indirectly, to collecting stones.
3. I didn't eat bacon for a while (very short while. Like 2 weeks). Why? Red pulpy stuff + Kevin Bacon. Do the math. (Hey, I was a kid!)
4. I promised never to live in a valley. So it really helps that we now live on a friggin' mountain.
5. I hated worms: not in a scared way, but in an angry manner. I like eating jelly glow worms and biting their heads as mercilessly as I can while thinking, "One more for the humans."
Other movies which scared the sh&t outta me:
1. Independence Day - if the US can't stop them, our sh&tty military can't!
2. Deep Impact - Live in a tunnel or drown. Live in a tunnel or drown. Hard decision.
3. Pet Cemetary - Pets should stay buried.
4. Gremlins - Cute can be scary.
5. Mr. Bean - Poster Child for Human Devolution

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