Thursday, November 20, 2008

For Cookie Patty

No, the world was never fair.

We grew up happy

keeping to ourselves,

ribbons untangling in our hair.

Our world was complete

We were all we need

What there was, we took, we shared.

Then the world shook and broke down.

We searched, we wailed,

We ran away, we sought and

Listened hard but hope echoed no sound.

We were angry and we cried,

Asked more questions than

There were answers to be found.

Now the world is trying to tell us we're not special.

We have become the average

Part of the faceless mass

the hopeless, the insignifant, the nominal.

Little sister, let them try.

But the world cannot take this away:

How we laughed, how we played

Bright like fireflies or the sun's warm ray

How we loved and how we lost

How we carried on at whatever cost.

How we keep believing still

The wounds we have will someday heal.

Yes, I know we're back at the start

Painful and humbling to our once proud hearts

But ordinary, not special --- that's not us

Even if we're now less witty or not so fast.

Because even when praises wane

Princess-warriors we'll remain.

They taught us well so trust you now

We'll make it through someway, somehow.


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