Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Kushiel's Legacy

I stumbled upon a copy of Kushiel's Dart written by Jacqueline Carey. I know Mariel loves the books; I know the copy she found during the September book fair was prized and cherished. I just didn't get why. I think it's because the first time I saw the book in National, I chanced upon a page which described weird kind of ... adventures. As in S&M stuff which I wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole. But Mariel's interest reigned in my distrust. There must be something to it if my girl friend likes it. So I read through the first of the series.... and was genuinely surprised that it wasn't as ewwww-y as I first thought.
Phedre is a real person, and her adventures weren't just about... uhm... worshipping Namaah...(read the book to find out what that means). It's about politics, and deceit and love as well and discussed in a tasteful manner. It isn't anything like the love scenes you read in romance novels, at ALL. I was completely rooting for Joscelin (I am imagining him to look like a youner Paul Bettany) in the book. I want him to be with Kushiel too. :)
So, Mariel's taste rules. I don't think I have enough stamina to read all 6 books in the series yet (maybe there's even more). But I do have renewed respect for the series. Black Velvet it isn't.
Good it really is.

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