Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Film List

After suffering from a dearth of good fun movies the last three months, it seems the Universe is going to make up for it this November. Here’s my list of movies to watch out for:


Why? Because Paul Bettany is in it. So even if the annoying Brendan Fraser also stars in it, I shall brave the insanity and sally forth for Paul. I really like him that MUCH. Besides, Andy Serkis (Gollum in LOTR) is in it and it’s bound to be interesting to see him act without the corrupted hobbit suit.


Matthew Perry has made movies, which has all miserably flopped. Zac Efron on the other hand could so much as burp on film, and it’ll sell like hot pancakes. Let’s see who will reign supreme for this movie, eh? Perry is a 37-year-old drone who gets a chance to live his life again by being magically zapped back to 17 years old. Probably stolen from 13 going on 30 (that Jennifer Garner sweetheart movie?). Efron plays his younger self, looking all buffed and purty. I Heart Efron. And back off my case, emo-kids. Give me this one idiocy.

Oh and yeah…


It’s showing on the 26th and it’s making quite a noise. Publicity group must be geniuses. But then, no matter how crappy the whole thing turned out to be, I don’t think any of the fans will ever admit it. And none of the non-fans will be brave enough to call it shit. Well, except me. I’ll call it as it is. Just have to watch the movie first.

Let’s hope they can salvage the sappy novel into something more respectable.

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